The Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai is in the heart of the city center and enjoys excellent expressway connections to the Shanghai Railway Station, the Hongqiao Airport and the Pudong International Airport. The subway system provides a convenient way for you to visit Shanghai and to shuttle around the city. South Shaanxi station on line 1 is located immediately adjacent to the property.

*  To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport14 km

*  To Pudong International Airport50 km

*  To Shanghai Railway Station4 km

*  To the nearest Subway Station (South Shanxi Road) 100 m

*  To Metro Line 1 Station (South Shaanxi Road , Exit 3)100 m

*  To Metro Line 10, Line 12 Station (South Shanxi Road , Exit 6) 300 m

*  To Metro Line 13 Station (Huai Hai Zhong Road , Exit 3)400 m

Anything about the Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai, please contact with our department by following methods.

Address :58 Mao Ming Road (S.), Shanghai, China 200020

Tel :(86-21)6415-1111

Fax :(86-21)6415-8866

Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

Zip code:200020 58 Mao Ming Road (S.), Shanghai, China
Open:March 20, 1990
General Manager:Jiro Kutome
Official name:Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

Facilities overview

Facilities overview:34700㎡
Floor space:5540㎡
Floor space:59320㎡
Level layout:34 stories above ground, 1 story underground (120m building height)
Parking Avenue:147cars

<Hotel facilities>




Banquet hall:6 on the second floor, 4 on the 32nd floor

Level 33:French Restaurant CONTINENTAL ROOM
Teppanyaki SAZANKA
Wine & Cocktail Lounge SKY BAR

Level 32:Banquet Room

Level 8~31:Guestroom

Level 26~31:Executive Floor

Level 26:Executive Salon

Level 3:Main Bar YELAIXIANG
Health Club
Five Premium Stars Suite Wedding
Hair Salon

Level 2:Banquet Room
Chinese Restaurant BAIYULAN
Japanese Restaurant YAMAZATO
Travel Agency

Level 1:Coffee Shop ROSE
Cocktail Lounge OASIS
The Florist
Business Center
Sightseeing Elevator