• Coffee Shop Rose
  • Chinese Restaurant Baiyulan
  • Japanese Restaurant Yamazato
  • Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka
  • French Restaurant Continental Room

Coffee shop Rose maintains the classic Baroque-style architecture of the former French Club. The buffet area has a more elaborate food station arrangement and the newly launched teppanyaki and hand-made sushi station will surely enrich your culinary experience.

1st Floor
Ext. 5212
Opening hours 6:00~22:00
Seats 160
2 private room

F&B Events

Beef Stroganoff with Butter Rice

Slowly stewed Chinese beef short ribs served with fresh vegetables. The ribs are served with our famous thick sour gravy. The gravy is composed with tomato, various peppers, lemon and cream and together with our slowly stewed tenderloin this dish brings you an exquisite unrivalled taste.

A la carte:RMB 98
* Subject to 10% service charge and 6% VAT(on total sales)

Inspired by the French architectural style of the Garden Hotel Shanghai, the Chinese restaurant BAI YU LAN presents elegant Chinese dining in a mélange of Chinese and European décor.
Magnificent French dining tables and chairs integrate beautifully within traditional Chinese elaborately engraved screens, creating an exquisite ambience.
The new Chinese BAI YU LAN restaurant brings to you masters of authentic Guangdong and Shanghainese cuisine. It is your new alternative for enjoying the best of Chinese specialties in the most intimate of surroundings.

2nd Floor
Ext. 5215
Opening hours 11:30~14:30
Seats 104
3 private room

Private rooms

With the newly introduced "Red Cloud" private room, capable of holding 16 persons, the total number of private rooms in the restaurant comes to 3. This will satisfy the more individualized demands of guests.

Chief Chef for Chinese Cuisine

Chief Chef for Chinese Cuisine - Qin Weijian

Mr. Qin has worked for 31 years as a cook and is proficient in Hong Kong-style Cantonese dishes and Shanghainese dishes. He once won honors for being the ‘Best Cook of Shanghai’ and most ‘Famous Cook of Shanghai’.

F&B Events

Braised Abalone and Turtle Rim in thick Soup

Highly recommended by our chefs is classic thick soup made with abalone and turtle. This thick soup which is known as ‘Tang’ in Chinese or ‘Soup Stew’ in Japanese is a classic among our signature dishes. A dish rich in collagen, loved by woman and popular amongst men. For this soup chicken and pork bones are stewed on slow fire for over 6 hours. Later the abalone and turtle are being added to ensure a spectacular flavor.

A la carte:RMR 128
* Subject to 10% service charge and 6% VAT(on total sales)

The tasteful ‘Yamazato’ is now fitted with common seats designed for preserving guests’ privacy, as well as private rooms with distinctly different styles and Japanese atmosphere. A sushi counter with refined, quiet and calming atmosphere has also been freshly installed.
In this new world of delicacies, each attending guest can fully enjoy fresh food of the season and experience Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai’s painstakingly prepared sumptuous feast.

2nd Floor
Ext. 5216
Opening hours 11:30~14:30
Seats 120
6 private room

Private rooms

Yamazato is equipped with 6 rooms capable of accommodating 4 to 24 persons.
Privacy is guaranteed for each room, which makes it your ideal choice for treating important guests and friends. In addition, it can serve as a suitable venue for holding various banquets for birthday parties and gatherings.
For your convenience, chairs are now available in the Japanese style chartered room, the original sunken tatami setup can continue to be used. Please clarify your choice at the time of making reservation.

Dish introductions

Our chef from Okura Tokyo is an expert at all forms of Japanese cuisine, such as kaiseki, tempura, etc. He is confident to lead the guest through the most authentic Japanese cuisine experiences.

Sushi Counter

At the center of the hall is a newly installed sushi counter that integrates several modern elements. Here, you can fully enjoy a diverse range of authentic Japanese sushi prepared by our skillful chefs.

F&B Events

Special Grade Beef SUKINI Pot

One example of our chef’s signatures dishes is the Japanese ‘Sukiyaki’ beef hot pot. The original way of stewing beef instead of roasting the meat gives irresistible subtle flavors. One the secrets behind the success of this style of cooking is the use of the best ingredients. beef and vegetables as fresh as possible combined in the well heated hot pot ensure perfect taste.

A la carte:RMB 488
* Subject to 10% service charge and 6% VAT(on total sales)

Inheriting the oriental traditions, SAZANKA restaurant offers exotic food in a setting with elements both eastern and western. Decorated with steel and wooden furniture the restaurant breathes a delightful ambiance in which to drink top grade wine while the sounds from the kitchen fill the air with a promise of delicious tastes. The performance of the chefs is an inspirational scene when not distracted by the beautiful sparkling city lights from the metropolis on display. An experience that pleases all the senses!

33th Floor
Ext. 5211
Opening hours 11:30 ~ 14:30
17:30 ~ 22:00
Seats 26

The restaurant, uniquely designed in French style, mixes simplicity and modernity. The black chessboard-like marble floor with walls decorated in leather squares provide a stylish and luxurious environment for our guests. The French delicacies can be enjoyed window side, allowing one to overlook the bustling metropolis and flourishing garden by day, or become intoxicated by the city’s beautifully glittering lights by night.
While retaining the original exquisite French Art Deco design we have chosen to enrich the restaurant with a private dining room for 6 to 16 guests.

33th Floor
Ext. 5218
Coming Soon
Seats 42

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